Posted by: showgait | March 14, 2010


There are many spending bills in our legislator at this time. From the unpopular health care to more ‘stimulus.’ Let us not overlook cap and trade, and the sea and land act. Each of these represent higher national debt which will find it’s way into new taxes in one form or another. The American tax payer will pay for these for years, and generations to come.


But once again, it is the small business man who will feel the crush immediately. The life blood of America, small business, will absorb a great deal of this unnecessary debt. We already have the highest business tax in the world. With each of the proposals in front of the legislator, we will be looking at up to a 5% increase in small business taxes. That is 5% for each proposal, not a cumulative.
The progressives would lead you to believe that the business owner is evil because he seeks to make a profit. Our own president has stated that we need to redistribute the wealth in America. This, from a man, who has never run a business or even earned an honest dollar. Our government should work to protect our right to pursue our dreams, not cut them down.
I personally know several small business owners who are hanging on by a thread, and are not excepting a paycheck for themselves. Through loyalty to there employees and personal pride, they neglect their own welfare and families in order to pursue their dream. After paying federal and state taxes, medicare taxes, unemployment taxes, wages, overhead, rent/lease/mortgage, and countless incidental expenses, they simply have nothing left for themselves. Our government should support these people, not bring them down. These are the cogs that make the wheels turn. They are everyday people like you and I. And with the burdens that are coming, they will be diminished, as will all of us that depend on a paycheck that they provide.

Our government was not suppose to provide social dependence, but independence. It was not suppose to repress out dreams, but to support them. It was not intended to dash our pursuits, but guarantee them. It was not established to enforce it’s will upon us, but to provide protection of God given rights.

Our Republic is danger today. The very people that took an oath to protect our constitution are destroying it. ‘We the people,’ must find the courage of our forefathers, and stand and be heard. The true power of our democracy has always been in the people. If our government cannot make ends meet with what it is milking from the citizenry, then we have a greater need for a smaller government. Through ‘Tea Parties,’ and the vote, we can make a difference. And may God help us all if this current state of affairs does not turn around.

God Bless Us All


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