Posted by: showgait | March 15, 2010


The night envelopes the earth with silken silence first beams of the coming sun are yet a couple of hours away. The stillness and quiet of the morning is a wondrous time for me. A whisper will carry on the air for much distance. There is an awareness that is honed from your natural senses. There are chores to be done while others lay in their comfort, oblivious to the world beyond their bedrooms.

As the sky begins to fill with the gentle grayness of the coming day, the hushed sounds of creaking leather from the saddle comfort me. The horse is sure in his steps along this well traveled route. And once he has crested a familiar knoll he stops of his own volition. He has crossed this terrain nearly every day. As I sit in silence, braced against the chill, we await the coming of a new day.

As the eastern sky lightens and hues of deep blue fill the horizon, the sounds and rustling of small birds begin to come from the brush. The woeful bay of cattle from a field nearby drift across the landscape. In these precious moments I reflect on the day to come and give thanks to God for His wonders.

This is the beginning of my day. A simple and wondrous beginning. A time to reflect and to give thanks. It feeds my soul with peace that will carry me through the day.

I wish that all people could enjoy this gift. If our leaders in Washington could start their day’s like this, then they would have a greater appreciation for all of us, and not for their own welfare. Reflection and nature’s wonders have a way of caressing the soul. And most days I wonder if our legislator has a soul.

My simple beginning to the day is my rightful heritage. And yet, at the end of each day, I find it harder to obtain because of the pressures that have come from our government. It becomes more difficult to make ends meet, and to have a few scraps left at the end of the month. Our leaders have lost sight of the common man. They place policy above doing right. They have grown deaf from their own self promoting. Self interest and ego have tainted their minds and actions. These are not leaders of men, but grafters in the worse sense of the word.

I am a Conservative man and have a great love for my country. I will saddle up again in the morning. I will strive to be a better man. I will work, respect others, and give thanks. These are simple for most of us……and yes, i will pray that our leaders will do the same.

God Bless Us All


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