Posted by: showgait | March 17, 2010


The Congress is counting votes to pass obamacare. The strong arm tactics are converting no’s to yes’s. Back room dealing is alive and well in the halls of the elected. The phones are ringing at the White House, but no one is listening. Voices call out from the streets and fall on deaf ears. The people are ignored once again.

The sad truth is that we the people mean nothing to the White House. The bell tolls for the Republic. The socialist agenda from the progressives move forward. Our feedoms will be diminished beyond recognition. The Constitution is being torn to shreds before our eyes.

Our rights are being taken from us. But there is still one right that they cannot take. Our right to vote. And this right we will set them free. The left wing, progressive tyrants of both houses will be let loose. They may think it wise to deceive us now. But we will not forget, nor forgive. The votes for obamacare will seal the fates of the unworthy.

The fear for us now, is what they will attempt to do with the little time left to them. There will be a rush on their agenda to destroy the Constitution and diminish our rights. They will rush to push every special interest in order to line their bank accounts before being ousted.

As Thomas Jefferson once said, a little revolution is good. We the people are being pushed to the point of revolution. Through peaceful means if possible. But where it will end is what I ask myself each day. We are a great and proud population in America. We are being pushed to the point of no return. The trillions of dollars being spent and wasted by this administration will effect us all for many, many years to come.

Today we watch as the votes are gathered and time clicks away. For those who think that their time is now to pass the president’s agenda, will learn that their time has numbered days. The time of the people to right the ship is at hand. The abuses of Congress and the Senate are drawing to close. We shall fight and defend our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

The progressives have had their day in the sun, and soon the night will fall. A better day will dawn on the marrow. God and country will prevail. We are far to great a nation to allow the continuance of these outrages to ourselves. Into that sweet night, I say, you shall not be missed.

God Bless Us All


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