Posted by: showgait | March 17, 2010


With the oncoming burdens that will soon be applied to the American citizen, my aching back will soon be in a body cast. The proverbial monkey has been joined by a gorilla in the form of our legislature. Though I am hoping against hope, it seems more apparent that the greatly misguided are about to pass health care reform. The Federal Reserve is already talking of interest rate hikes. Huge inflation is at our doorsteps. And the chill of the Windy City has come to roost in Washington DC.

We are mearly spectators in an unprecedented history. The slight of hand and greed of the Johnson administration are looking like rookie tryouts compared to the back room dealing and promises being made by our president. The promise of transparency can only be seen through rose colored glasses(providing they are equipped with x-ray vision).

Our once great Republic, the beacon of democracy, is being but asunder. Our constitution and rights are being neglected and thrown away. The will and wishes of the people are meaningless to the hypocrites in our congress and senate. Special interests, backroom deals, promises, and strong arming are the order of the day. Corruption not only runs rampant, but has had all the barriers removed by our president.

There is no graft that is beneath our elected officials. There is no deal that is not unforgivable in order to complete their own agendas. The Republic is in danger. The Constitution has no meaning to the president or his administration. The outrage, anger, and frustration of the people has been cast aside in order to seek political gain.

We have no guarantee of free health care, or any other ‘social’ program in the Constitution. We do have the right to pursue these things, and to provide for ourselves. Hand outs are charity. We ask for no hand outs from the government. Only to have our rights ensured to gain in our own pursuits, in order to obtain the good from our own works.

God Bless us All


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