Posted by: showgait | March 19, 2010


An early spring snow has come to the mountains. The temperature has dropped, a wind blows across the fields, and drifts are mounting in the roads. Another ominous beginning to the weekend. And yet, I feel warmer here, looking at the blowing cold, than I do when I take note of what is happening in Washington DC. Here, I know that the spring snow will be gone in a matter of a few short days. In D.C., I realize that their chilling actions will last for decades to come.

Like most Americans, I am disgusted and weary of the lies and deception that spew from the mouths of the progressive movement. The president doesn’t have a clue as to the real nature of his healthcare reform, yet he is willing to push it upon the people with no regard for their welfare. A majority of individual states are at the ready to sue the government over this unconstitutional act. The people have spoken up loudly and often about their disdain over this. And still, this administration takes no heed.

There will be Hell to pay. We the people will pay in the form of taxes, less healthcare coverage, higher rates, longer lines, fewer doctors, and having to get government permission for life saving procedures. We will see our take home pay diminished for several years without reaping any benefits. The government will be taking from social security to help fund this folly. Their delusional dream is to cover another 30 million people, but they do not take into account that we do not have the doctors to cover that(take a number please, and I hope you brought your lunch). Half the number that they wish to insure will be added to the Medicare lists……a program that has always run in the red and provides a substantial strain to every state. There will be hundreds of new government offices, new government employees, and new government bureaucracy . We are talking about nearly a fifth of the domestic gross national product going to the government. We will be forced to allow the government into every aspect of our lives.

There is no doubt that there is a true need for reform within the healthcare system. But if anyone believes that the real solution is with the government, then history has taught us nothing. There is nothing the government has ‘given’ us that has turned out to be more than a burden and a flop. The public knows that what is happening is wrong. And yet their desires and care mean nothing to those in power. Because power begets power, and corruption rules in Washington.

These are dangerous times for the Republic and our Constitution. The agenda of the few will supersede the needs of the many. The destruction of our God given rights will hear the death kneal this very weekend. The policy of the progressives to turn our great nation into a socialist state will take an unforgiving foothold into our lives.

And the snow continues here, and there is quiet within the storm. The days to come will brighten and warm. But I worry as to what our great country will look like as the sun rises on another spring day.

God Bless You All


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