Posted by: showgait | March 22, 2010


We have taken a giant leap to the social left on Sunday. The Socialist Democratic Party has yet again, taken more freedoms from the people. The socialists have garnered another 30 million plus to their ranks. In one fatal swoop, they have diminished our rights and added to the ranks of the social needy.

We are on the path to become a European style nation. We are now a country of hand outs and social dependence. The government is taking over all the largest private companies in the nation, and making them a social program. The ruining of America is at hand, and we must not stand idly by.

To add further to their roster of social dependence, the next item on their agenda is to grant amnesty to all forgien aliens. This will give the Social Democrats another 20 million plus for their rank and file.

As we watch the dissimulation of the insurance companies, the banks, the auto manufacturers, wall street, and the dollar, our economy will plummet, our debts will rise, and our freedom will be no more. As we allow the government to grow beyond reason, it is the citizens that will have to pay the price. Or I should say that the American worker will pay the price.

We have a battle at our doorstep. We have a revolution in our yard. We are in a fight for our very liberty and rights. We are in a war to save our Republic. The hypocrites, liars, and destroyers of our nation must go. The Social Democrats that are bankrupting our country must be ousted. By voice, by vote, or, by fist, we must not shirk from the task at hand.

God Bless Us All


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