Posted by: showgait | March 24, 2010


I have been re-reading our constitution several times since the craziness of the health care bill has taken us over. And no matter how many times I read it, I can find nothing that allows the government to force health care on us. This is a clear infringement on my rights.

But the real stunner to me, is the IRS taking control of health care. Of course, this has lead to more reading and research. First, the taxes collected by the IRS are being used to pay the interest on the national debt…..not legit. Second, the sixteenth amendment to the Constitution has never been ratified… legitimacy. Third, our taxes and filing is considered voluntary, but try it and see what strong arming and intimidation tactics are wrought on you…..definitely not legit.

So now we have an illegitimate branch of government, with unchecked power and abuses, that will be running the unconstitutional health care bill. If this wasn’t our government, I’d say it is all crazy. But coming from our government, it makes about as much sense as they can muster.

The lies of reducing deficits, lowering premiums, and giving better care, have got to be confronted and stopped. Now we add the IRS into the mix, and any credibility is gone. There is no possible way to grow government, expand coverage, and add millions to Medicare that will reduce anything but our IQ’s, and our take home pay.

I had a horse that would kick in the harness. This would cause damage to the cart, break harnesses, and endanger my welfare. I could have continued to buy more gear, or disregard my safety. But it made more sense to break the horse of kicking. So why would I have inclination to pay more to a broken system like the IRS? I will only be encouraging bad behavior, and throwing good money after bad.

The monkeys are running the zoo, and increasing the cost of a ticket. I think that I will have to pass on this show. With luck, determination, and God’s good will, the courageous States that are fighting the health care bill’s legality will win out. And with the voice and will of the people, we can to start to clean out the barn.

Gos Bless You All


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