Posted by: showgait | March 25, 2010


Have you ever had a conversation with your dog? Or any pet, or barn animal? I do this quite often. basically for two reasons. One, no one else is really going to listen to me. Two, because they make so much more sense than most people I know. Your pet, or even livestock, will tell you many things. They let us know when they need to go out. When they are hungry. When they want some attention. They comfort and love unconditionally. And they tell us so much more if we just pay attention.

Unlike the progressive left that has been leading us into destruction, my dog will sit still and listen to me for as long as I wish to talk. He doesn’t respond with cutting remarks or by simply ignoring me. He never goes behind my back to meet a secret agenda. He doesn’t conspire in a back room with the other animals to undermine my efforts. He has never made a promise with another pet to use my funds. He has never made it a requirement for me to purchase his love and loyalty. He doesn’t bribe, lie, or pee on my freedoms.

I wish he could replace those in the legislature. He has never had anything in his heart except my own needs and desires. He would never go against my wishes. He would never ask anything more of me than what he isn’t already willing to do for himself. And he has demonstrated a greater intelligence than nearly all of those who have already been elected.

Today, the people who truly care about the direction that our country is taking, are being labeled as hate-mongers and unruly mobs. I must disagree with this. If you push me, or threaten me(ie; livelihood, freedom, ect..), my docile and loving dog will bare his teeth and come after you. If you trespass against me, my dog will take notice and pursue you. We are not hate-mongers, but merely a people who have been pushed into the proverbial corner. We will bare our teeth and come after you.

If a pet can teach so much, why shouldn’t we expect this from our leaders? They don’t see the abusive remarks as a warning to their direction, but as an affirmation. They easily blame the people instead of looking at themselves and their actions. We the people have no meaning to them. Their agenda’s, back room deals, and political gains are all that matter.

There is a quote that the liberal left should take to heart. “I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” Isoroku Yamamoto spoke these words while attacking Pearl Harbor. We the people are filled with resolve today. We understand the tasks ahead and our God given rights that are being taken from us. We are ready and willing to come out of the corner and defend our freedom and liberty. We are not hate-mongers, but patriots and God loving Americans.

I could easily go on and on with this subject, but my dog has something to tell me, and as usual, he is much more interesting than the mess we have in Washington…….

God Bless You All


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