Posted by: showgait | March 26, 2010


I am somewhat heartened to see that the individual states are taking up the fight against the health care bill. The strength and numbers of the Tea Parties is wonderful. The shouting of the people is music to my ears. There is a glimmer of hope in the push to repeal. I long for the vote to oust the left wing liberals from office.

These are but a few of my favorite things today. Though the fight will be long and odorous, I believe in the rights of the people, and their will to overcome. I believe in a country that will not allow their God given rights to be taken. I believe in our liberties being restored. Yes, Virginia, I do believe in miracles.

My feelings run high on these subjects, and I hope that all Americans feel at least some of the passion that I do. We have much to look forward to, and much to be thankful for. We have much to worry over, and much more work to do. We have been blessed to be born Americans. This great country has overcome a great many obstacles and tragedies over the years. We are a resilient people.

These are noble and admirable fronts to take the fight. But let us not forget other avenues to travel. Our Constitution should be a beacon for the fight. There should be a push to impeach the impostor that is our president on Constitutional rights. Let’s see how far his Muslim faith will support him when the votes of impeachment come to a tally. If we take the head of the snake, the body will die. No man should ever be placed above our Constitution or our Bill Of Rights. And as each day that Obama revokes our rights and liberties, he surely is putting himself above the laws of nature and God.

As the progressive movement blunders down the path of ruination, let us not allow it to drag us along with it. Let there be a reckoning for those that wish to destroy this country and all that we have lived for. Let not the lives of those who face the enemies on foreign soil be diminished by the political agendas of the corrupt. Let not our freedoms be taken, or our liberty be struck down. Let not a unruly government the power to deceive and dismantle our Constitution. Let not the impostor to lull the public into submission.

We have much to do, and much yet to look forward to.

God Bless You All


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