Posted by: showgait | March 27, 2010


One of the things I love about living here in the mountains is going for a leisurely ride through the hills. We will load up the dogs, fire up the jeep, and just drive. There is wonder and beauty around every turn. We almost always find a new stream to fish, or a high meadow pasture filled with elk. Sunlit peaks, quaking aspen, eagles, lush green, and all of the mysteries of Mother Nature.

This morning I was pondering which way to drive, and then another thought came to me. I was hit by the idea that somehow I was being less than the American I wished to be. Looking at our jeep, I started to feel the seediness of our government intruding on our lives again. Our jeep is not a new one. It has seen a great deal of country and many, many miles. But the knowledge of it being a part of Chrysler, and the government bail outs, just rankled me.

Another government takeover in progress. Another back room deal on several levels. A company that the government dictates terms to, regulates their profits, and cuts deals with their unions. Our benevolent government is making the auto manufacturers into just another public utility, as they are trying to do with our insurance companies, and banking.

The seats just seemed to be dirtier today, and I knew that there wasn’t enough saddle soap made to cleanse them. The corrupt hands of the government have once again invaded my life. My mind conjures up thoughts of an unholy hand reaching out for me. There is a darkness that surrounds me. The sudden chill in the air is not of nature, but of the evil that lurks each day in the hearts of the elected.

Our dogs don’t seem to feel the uneasiness that I am experiencing with this machine and pace anxiously to go for a ride. Their world is pure and untainted by those who wish to destroy our freedoms and liberties. They only wish to join us on a ride into the mountains and the joy of exploring. We are their government, and they live contented in knowing that we have nothing but their best interest in our hearts. There is no disdain in their thoughts, nor chill in their bones.

I stand in the cold air and cannot bring myself to open the door. The Twilight Zone has come to my back yard. Visions of greedy slitted eyes and scaly skinned hands reaching out for my soul consume me. My wallet is being lifted by Nancy Polosi as Harry Reid is tearing up the Constitution. And all the while, Obama is laughing a sinister laugh and saying “all is good.”

The spell is broken by my black lab as he nestles up against my leg. I lovingly stroke his head. Then we all move over to the BMW and load up for our ride. And I KNOW, that come Monday morning, I am going to the Ford dealer.

God Bless Us All


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