Posted by: showgait | April 1, 2010


I realize that the temperature has dropped and the wind has picked up. But now I am pretty sure that Hell has frozen over.

It has been since 1986 that I last received a tax refund. In 1987 I just got a postcard that said ‘thanks for the payment.’ Wondering what I was paying for, I called the appropriate office of the IRS. After several days of communication, I was told that ten years earlier I didn’t pay taxes on my unemployment benefits. That was curious within itself, because I had never filed or received unemployment benefits in my life. But the argument was one sided and I relented. The lady I was dealing with said that I should have a small amount coming to me, and to expect it shortly…………and thirteen years later it came.

After tens of thousands of dollars that have not been refunded over these thirteen years, I received about 1/3 of my return this week. And of course, there was an accompanying letter to explain that my balance due in 1997 was now paid. I know that I should feel some relief, but somehow I am still empty and infuriated.

I had a tax pro, with 25 years of service in the IRS, try for two years to find out why they were keeping my returns. His efforts went for naught. When I would call, I could never get an answer either. So year after year, my returns never came.

So you can understand my horror in knowing that these same competent, compassionate workers at the IRS are going to be taking care of our new and improved Obamacare program. That MRI will be ready in thirteen years sir.

I think that someone left the barn door open. Better yet, maybe we should leave the congressional doors open and leave a trail of food stamps for our legislators to follow.

God Bless Us All


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