Posted by: showgait | April 2, 2010


Once again the ‘Land and Sea’ bill is making it’s way through the Congressional walls. Though it has been rejected for nearly 30 years, this could be the year for it. And that should put a chill down your spine. But I fear that with the socialist agenda and votes, that there will be a strong push for it’s passage this go around.

In simplest terms, this bill gives total authority to the United Nations for everything on, under, and over the oceans of the world. This not only means that our navy would need the UN’s approval to move ships and subs, but we would also be at their discretion for air traffic. All commerce on the high seas would be the subjects of the UN. They would also have the authority to decide who and where any oil exploration and drilling can be done. Commercial fishing would be under their legislation.

If Iran was to build ‘the bomb’, and deploy it, we would have to get permission from the UN just to send our ships and Air Force in response……Now there is a frightening prospect. The UN is the only organization that is more corrupt than the Obama administration. And what a better way for Obama’s agenda of a fascist regime to secure the doom of all we hold sacred.

I can’t wait to take that UN cruise to nowhere.

Happy Good Friday To All


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