Posted by: showgait | April 6, 2010


The Fed has just slapped a 16.375 million dollar fine on Toyota Motors. This may seem like a small amount considering the mere magnitude of Toyota’a true worth. But when you consider the lose of revenues due to the governments dragging of Toyota through the mud, the senate investigations, and the outright attempt to destroy their reputation by the government, then the losses are quite substantial.

What was the real crime committed by Toyota? Their lack of unions. Toyota didn’t have a card in the political game of kiss my ring. The Obama administration had no controls on Toyota, and therefore they are the enemy of the progressives. No union deals to be had. No retirement scandals. Can’t pressure the insurers. So the Obama administration will try to break them in the press and attempt to bring them to their knees and hopefully to his throne so they can kiss the ring and ask forgiveness. (we know how much Obama likes to kiss rings).

Kia Motors built the worlds most modernized auto plant in the world in a small town in Georgia. Then they had to wait for months to get the Feds OK to start their assembly line. Even though Kia has put nearly 2 billion dollars into this venture, they are not about to get a favor from this administration. Private companies that do not unionize must be stopped by this administration.

I do sorely hope that they each succeed in their endeavours. Let them slap Obama in the face and hold onto their guns. It does my old heart good to see a corporation defy this president and his illegal attempts to nationalize America.

God Bless


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