Posted by: showgait | April 12, 2010


The real threat from Washington comes not from the House, but from the administrations of the FCC, EPA, FDA, and the many other initials that can raise our taxes without consideration. The EPA has over 1800 pages of new regulations on their docket right now. They even have one new rule that will allow them to put a tax on rain water. There is also new rules and taxes coming for methane gas….which will allow them to take further control of nearly all commerce on our roads, trains, and air. The FCC is broadening their powers to include taxes and regulations on the ‘Internet,’, mobile phones, and satellite communication.

The liberal progressives that are in charge will use the misconception of ‘global warming’ to justify their agendas. They are seeking the power to invade our homes in the name of global warming without due process or warrants. They will even give ‘rewards’ to those good citizens who snitch on you, should you throw a bleach bottle in the trash. You will have no rights under the constitution if you should own a computer with Internet access.

This is not a socialist agenda, but one strait out of the communist handbook. Control the media(they pretty much do), control transportation(GM and Chrysler have ready succumbed), control any information(roust out the tea parties as traitors), control the courts(California, need I say more?), and control the ‘rights’ of the people(health care, taxes, utilities…).

The Impostor is taking us on a path to ruin. While he is shouting that the tea parties are corrupting America, he works diligently behind the scenes to destroy us. His ‘smoke and mirrors’ routine has worked for him to a large extent, but now he has the lowest approval ratings in history, and the people are fed up with the lies and disrespect for their rights.

God Bless America


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