Posted by: showgait | April 15, 2010


The president has been ragging that the tea parties have been calling him a socialist……But I must concede the errors of our ways. He is not a socialist. He is a blatant communist. This may seem harsh to say, but let us consider his most recent action.

The new bill for financial reform will give the president and the Secretary of the Treasury sole authority over any business in the nation. If, in their opinion, that company may fail, they have the authority to take the company over, replace the board of directors, take away stocks and options, and sell off whatever they wish. There has to be NO proof of failure, NO judicial reviews, and NO congressional review or approval.

Some of our enemies have far less power. Fidel Castro never had this power. But now, we allow The Impostor to take this absolute control over the corporations of America. Where have we gone wrong with our country? How can this be happening here, in the ‘land of the free?’

Once again, and for every day until we are free again, I urge everyone to vote this evil out of office and restore our great nation to where She belongs. A nation of less government, more freedom, and our rights restored.

God Bless America


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