Posted by: showgait | April 22, 2010


After the failure of the last ‘stimulus’ to bail out the mortgage debacle, now we have another $4 trillion dollars on the table for the next bailout. Which hasn’t happened yet, but the all-knowing government realizes that they are going fail us again, so they are putting up our money to be prepared for their blunder. The idiocricy of this administration is mind boggling.
After a decade of free money for those wishing that they could afford a home, we are now being set up for even a larger handout at the expense of the American taxpayer. We not worry about another bailout after this one. There simply will be no money left in the coffers, or available to loan to a nation that is bankrupt. The Impostor that sits in Washington, is effectively destroying our economy, and more importantly, or capitalism.

The obvious intention of this administration to spend the US into dissolvency is an affront to all Americans. This is sedition from within. It is treasonous at best and unconstitutional at the least. The madness must be stopped before we can no longer recover from the acts of this community organizer(aka..communist).


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