Posted by: showgait | April 26, 2010


I give my congratulations to the Governor of Arizona on the proper and tough stand on illegal immigrants. What I was wondering is why we need to take an action like this, when we are talking about ‘illegal’ aliens. Why do we need to pass laws to make an illegal, illegal?

The real question is why doesn’t our federal government uphold the laws designed to combat these illegal aliens. And why does The Impostor immediately come out against this law, and start a group to investigate it?

Will there be racial profiling? Of course there will be. But then again, if you are here, you can’t speak a word of English, and the Rio Grande River is still dripping from your jeans, then I guess a little profiling is in order.

The state of Arizona has seen murders by these illegals. There budgets have run dry from the costs of supporting the illegals. Unemployment has risen due to the cash basis that these illegals are hired, which effects the state coffers. The state has no real option, but to protect it’s own citizens. And by doing so, they will have to fight the federal government for their own right to defend themselves.

Woe is the day, when the rights of our states are in question. That a battle must loom for a state to protect itself. That the Constitution has been disregarded in order to give power to those in Washington who do not deserve it. The fight before our sister Arizona, is a fight that needs to be supported by all states and Americans. We cannot allow the federal government more power over the individual state. Our great nation was not founded on the undisputed power of the federal government, but on the rights of the states, and the protecting of our rights.


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