Posted by: showgait | April 29, 2010


The degradation of the right are in the sites of the liberals once again. The attacks by the left on the state of Arizona and their new law to make illegal aliens illegal is simply unbelievable. The socialist state of Colorado is threatening to restrict any air travel to Arizona. The D-congressman, Jared Polis, of Colorado is on record as to saying that the immigration bill in Arizona is akin to the Nazi. The Impostor in the Oval Office has called upon the AG to investigate, in which Eric Holder then responded that he is looking into taking the law to court.

A national poll shows over 60% approval for this law. In the state of Arizona, there is over a 70% approval. Lou Dobbs has a poll of his own that shows over 80% approval in the state of Arizona. Once again, this administration does not care about the people that are suppose to represent. They will pursue their own agendas without a single care for the people.

There are two reasons for this outcry by the left. 1) They see any immigrant as a vote for the Social-Democratic Party. 2) They believe in a national government, not a federal government They will never allow a state to govern itself while they are in control.

How long can America endure the pilfering of their rights and the destruction of the Constitution. How long can we, as a people and a nation, allow these bureaucrats to ignore us. Must it come to a revolution in order for the people to be heard again? I pray not, but I would also not flinch from duty as an American to protect our Republic.


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