Posted by: showgait | May 6, 2010

Where Are The Leaders of Men?

The current agenda by the Social-democrats, to spend and tax, and to create their ideal of an entitlement state, are leading us to the situation that we have been watching in Greece. They too had dreams of Utopia. But their path of entitlement had no future, as does ours.

Greece had managed to employ nearly a full third of the citizenship to the public payroll. Another third lived on the generosity of the government, such as our welfare, medicare, social security, etc… That left only a third to private enterprise and taxation. Without a sustainable tax base to draw from, the spiral that we now witness was inevitable.

We are nearing the fifty percent basis now. And that does not include the burden of the illegal immigrants, their health care, social entitlements, or the tax free payrolls that are sent south of our borders.

Fear not fellow Americans. There will be a vast array of new taxes coming soon. But it will never be enough to keep up with the growing federal employees, uncontrolled spending in the legislature, and the dream of every member of the left to lead us into our own Utopia. Ready yourselves to start the victory gardens, tire drives, and the soup kitchens. Self reliance will not only be a part of the American dream, but our only source of survival.

Is there an American out there that can lead us back to sanity? Can we find someone that is a fiscal conservitive that can just say no? Where is the leader of men? I yearn for the rallying cry of the right. For a true leader that we can follow and believe in. But alas, I see none on the horizon. And I fear that the time is short for our salvation.


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