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May the Lord bless you all on this special day.

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This is an excellent boss;


Dear Employees:

 As the CEO of this organization, I have resigned myself to
 the fact that Barrack Obama is our President and that our
 taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way.

 To compensate for these increases, our prices would have to
 increase by about 10%. But since we cannot increase our
 prices right now due to the dismal state of the economy, we
 will have to lay off sixty of our employees instead.

 This has really been bothering me since I believe we are
 family here and I didn’t know how to choose who would
 have to go.

 So, this is what I did. I walked through our parking lots
 and found sixty ‘Obama’ bumper stickers on our
 employees’ cars and have decided these folks will be the
 ones to let go. I can’t think of a more fair way to
 approach this problem. They voted for change….. I gave it
 to them.

 I will see the rest of you at the
 annual company picnic.


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Once again the ‘Land and Sea’ bill is making it’s way through the Congressional walls. Though it has been rejected for nearly 30 years, this could be the year for it. And that should put a chill down your spine. But I fear that with the socialist agenda and votes, that there will be a strong push for it’s passage this go around.

In simplest terms, this bill gives total authority to the United Nations for everything on, under, and over the oceans of the world. This not only means that our navy would need the UN’s approval to move ships and subs, but we would also be at their discretion for air traffic. All commerce on the high seas would be the subjects of the UN. They would also have the authority to decide who and where any oil exploration and drilling can be done. Commercial fishing would be under their legislation.

If Iran was to build ‘the bomb’, and deploy it, we would have to get permission from the UN just to send our ships and Air Force in response……Now there is a frightening prospect. The UN is the only organization that is more corrupt than the Obama administration. And what a better way for Obama’s agenda of a fascist regime to secure the doom of all we hold sacred.

I can’t wait to take that UN cruise to nowhere.

Happy Good Friday To All

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I realize that the temperature has dropped and the wind has picked up. But now I am pretty sure that Hell has frozen over.

It has been since 1986 that I last received a tax refund. In 1987 I just got a postcard that said ‘thanks for the payment.’ Wondering what I was paying for, I called the appropriate office of the IRS. After several days of communication, I was told that ten years earlier I didn’t pay taxes on my unemployment benefits. That was curious within itself, because I had never filed or received unemployment benefits in my life. But the argument was one sided and I relented. The lady I was dealing with said that I should have a small amount coming to me, and to expect it shortly…………and thirteen years later it came.

After tens of thousands of dollars that have not been refunded over these thirteen years, I received about 1/3 of my return this week. And of course, there was an accompanying letter to explain that my balance due in 1997 was now paid. I know that I should feel some relief, but somehow I am still empty and infuriated.

I had a tax pro, with 25 years of service in the IRS, try for two years to find out why they were keeping my returns. His efforts went for naught. When I would call, I could never get an answer either. So year after year, my returns never came.

So you can understand my horror in knowing that these same competent, compassionate workers at the IRS are going to be taking care of our new and improved Obamacare program. That MRI will be ready in thirteen years sir.

I think that someone left the barn door open. Better yet, maybe we should leave the congressional doors open and leave a trail of food stamps for our legislators to follow.

God Bless Us All

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This past week several major corporations stated that they will be losing over 1.5 billion dollars because of Obamacare. A provision of this health care disaster will result an added tax to employers who do not use Medicare part D for prescription drugs, even though it is cheaper for the employer to provide this coverage through their current providers. The obvious result will be less coverage for the employee, higher costs for the employer, or the true destination of this bill, a complete reliance on a nationalized health care program.

The employers of this great nation provide health insurance for over 35 million Americans. So they are the natural target of the liberal madness that has engulfed the Congress and Senate. With this incremented dismantling of private insurers, they will take yet another step in their pursuit of power by making all Americans dependent on the government.

This step by step destruction of our rights and liberties reminds me of a story the Ronald Reagan use to tell to illustrate the liberals amongst us. It is a fitting tale for the situation we are in today, so please enjoy;

A traveling sales man stays the night with a farm family. When the family gathers to eat there’s a pig seated at the table. and the pig has three medals hanging around his neck and a peg leg. The salesman says, “Um, I see you have a pig having dinner with you.”

“Yes,” says the farmer. “This is a very special pig. You see those medals around his neck? well, the first medal is from when our youngest son fell in the pond, and he was drowning, and that pig swam out and saved his life. The second medal, that’s from when the barn caught fire and our little daughter was trapped in there and the pig ran inside, carried her out and saved her life. And the third medal, that was from when our oldest boy was cornered in the stock yard by a mean bull, and the pig ran under the fence and bit the bull on the tail and saved the boy’s life.”

“Yes”, says the salesman, ” i can see why you let the pig sit right at the table and have dinner with you. and i can see why you awarded him the medals. But how did he get the peg leg?”

“Well,” says the farmer, “a pig like that– you don’t eat him all at once.”

God Bless You All

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One of the things I love about living here in the mountains is going for a leisurely ride through the hills. We will load up the dogs, fire up the jeep, and just drive. There is wonder and beauty around every turn. We almost always find a new stream to fish, or a high meadow pasture filled with elk. Sunlit peaks, quaking aspen, eagles, lush green, and all of the mysteries of Mother Nature.

This morning I was pondering which way to drive, and then another thought came to me. I was hit by the idea that somehow I was being less than the American I wished to be. Looking at our jeep, I started to feel the seediness of our government intruding on our lives again. Our jeep is not a new one. It has seen a great deal of country and many, many miles. But the knowledge of it being a part of Chrysler, and the government bail outs, just rankled me.

Another government takeover in progress. Another back room deal on several levels. A company that the government dictates terms to, regulates their profits, and cuts deals with their unions. Our benevolent government is making the auto manufacturers into just another public utility, as they are trying to do with our insurance companies, and banking.

The seats just seemed to be dirtier today, and I knew that there wasn’t enough saddle soap made to cleanse them. The corrupt hands of the government have once again invaded my life. My mind conjures up thoughts of an unholy hand reaching out for me. There is a darkness that surrounds me. The sudden chill in the air is not of nature, but of the evil that lurks each day in the hearts of the elected.

Our dogs don’t seem to feel the uneasiness that I am experiencing with this machine and pace anxiously to go for a ride. Their world is pure and untainted by those who wish to destroy our freedoms and liberties. They only wish to join us on a ride into the mountains and the joy of exploring. We are their government, and they live contented in knowing that we have nothing but their best interest in our hearts. There is no disdain in their thoughts, nor chill in their bones.

I stand in the cold air and cannot bring myself to open the door. The Twilight Zone has come to my back yard. Visions of greedy slitted eyes and scaly skinned hands reaching out for my soul consume me. My wallet is being lifted by Nancy Polosi as Harry Reid is tearing up the Constitution. And all the while, Obama is laughing a sinister laugh and saying “all is good.”

The spell is broken by my black lab as he nestles up against my leg. I lovingly stroke his head. Then we all move over to the BMW and load up for our ride. And I KNOW, that come Monday morning, I am going to the Ford dealer.

God Bless Us All

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I am somewhat heartened to see that the individual states are taking up the fight against the health care bill. The strength and numbers of the Tea Parties is wonderful. The shouting of the people is music to my ears. There is a glimmer of hope in the push to repeal. I long for the vote to oust the left wing liberals from office.

These are but a few of my favorite things today. Though the fight will be long and odorous, I believe in the rights of the people, and their will to overcome. I believe in a country that will not allow their God given rights to be taken. I believe in our liberties being restored. Yes, Virginia, I do believe in miracles.

My feelings run high on these subjects, and I hope that all Americans feel at least some of the passion that I do. We have much to look forward to, and much to be thankful for. We have much to worry over, and much more work to do. We have been blessed to be born Americans. This great country has overcome a great many obstacles and tragedies over the years. We are a resilient people.

These are noble and admirable fronts to take the fight. But let us not forget other avenues to travel. Our Constitution should be a beacon for the fight. There should be a push to impeach the impostor that is our president on Constitutional rights. Let’s see how far his Muslim faith will support him when the votes of impeachment come to a tally. If we take the head of the snake, the body will die. No man should ever be placed above our Constitution or our Bill Of Rights. And as each day that Obama revokes our rights and liberties, he surely is putting himself above the laws of nature and God.

As the progressive movement blunders down the path of ruination, let us not allow it to drag us along with it. Let there be a reckoning for those that wish to destroy this country and all that we have lived for. Let not the lives of those who face the enemies on foreign soil be diminished by the political agendas of the corrupt. Let not our freedoms be taken, or our liberty be struck down. Let not a unruly government the power to deceive and dismantle our Constitution. Let not the impostor to lull the public into submission.

We have much to do, and much yet to look forward to.

God Bless You All

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Have you ever had a conversation with your dog? Or any pet, or barn animal? I do this quite often. basically for two reasons. One, no one else is really going to listen to me. Two, because they make so much more sense than most people I know. Your pet, or even livestock, will tell you many things. They let us know when they need to go out. When they are hungry. When they want some attention. They comfort and love unconditionally. And they tell us so much more if we just pay attention.

Unlike the progressive left that has been leading us into destruction, my dog will sit still and listen to me for as long as I wish to talk. He doesn’t respond with cutting remarks or by simply ignoring me. He never goes behind my back to meet a secret agenda. He doesn’t conspire in a back room with the other animals to undermine my efforts. He has never made a promise with another pet to use my funds. He has never made it a requirement for me to purchase his love and loyalty. He doesn’t bribe, lie, or pee on my freedoms.

I wish he could replace those in the legislature. He has never had anything in his heart except my own needs and desires. He would never go against my wishes. He would never ask anything more of me than what he isn’t already willing to do for himself. And he has demonstrated a greater intelligence than nearly all of those who have already been elected.

Today, the people who truly care about the direction that our country is taking, are being labeled as hate-mongers and unruly mobs. I must disagree with this. If you push me, or threaten me(ie; livelihood, freedom, ect..), my docile and loving dog will bare his teeth and come after you. If you trespass against me, my dog will take notice and pursue you. We are not hate-mongers, but merely a people who have been pushed into the proverbial corner. We will bare our teeth and come after you.

If a pet can teach so much, why shouldn’t we expect this from our leaders? They don’t see the abusive remarks as a warning to their direction, but as an affirmation. They easily blame the people instead of looking at themselves and their actions. We the people have no meaning to them. Their agenda’s, back room deals, and political gains are all that matter.

There is a quote that the liberal left should take to heart. “I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” Isoroku Yamamoto spoke these words while attacking Pearl Harbor. We the people are filled with resolve today. We understand the tasks ahead and our God given rights that are being taken from us. We are ready and willing to come out of the corner and defend our freedom and liberty. We are not hate-mongers, but patriots and God loving Americans.

I could easily go on and on with this subject, but my dog has something to tell me, and as usual, he is much more interesting than the mess we have in Washington…….

God Bless You All

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I have been re-reading our constitution several times since the craziness of the health care bill has taken us over. And no matter how many times I read it, I can find nothing that allows the government to force health care on us. This is a clear infringement on my rights.

But the real stunner to me, is the IRS taking control of health care. Of course, this has lead to more reading and research. First, the taxes collected by the IRS are being used to pay the interest on the national debt…..not legit. Second, the sixteenth amendment to the Constitution has never been ratified… legitimacy. Third, our taxes and filing is considered voluntary, but try it and see what strong arming and intimidation tactics are wrought on you…..definitely not legit.

So now we have an illegitimate branch of government, with unchecked power and abuses, that will be running the unconstitutional health care bill. If this wasn’t our government, I’d say it is all crazy. But coming from our government, it makes about as much sense as they can muster.

The lies of reducing deficits, lowering premiums, and giving better care, have got to be confronted and stopped. Now we add the IRS into the mix, and any credibility is gone. There is no possible way to grow government, expand coverage, and add millions to Medicare that will reduce anything but our IQ’s, and our take home pay.

I had a horse that would kick in the harness. This would cause damage to the cart, break harnesses, and endanger my welfare. I could have continued to buy more gear, or disregard my safety. But it made more sense to break the horse of kicking. So why would I have inclination to pay more to a broken system like the IRS? I will only be encouraging bad behavior, and throwing good money after bad.

The monkeys are running the zoo, and increasing the cost of a ticket. I think that I will have to pass on this show. With luck, determination, and God’s good will, the courageous States that are fighting the health care bill’s legality will win out. And with the voice and will of the people, we can to start to clean out the barn.

Gos Bless You All

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We have taken a giant leap to the social left on Sunday. The Socialist Democratic Party has yet again, taken more freedoms from the people. The socialists have garnered another 30 million plus to their ranks. In one fatal swoop, they have diminished our rights and added to the ranks of the social needy.

We are on the path to become a European style nation. We are now a country of hand outs and social dependence. The government is taking over all the largest private companies in the nation, and making them a social program. The ruining of America is at hand, and we must not stand idly by.

To add further to their roster of social dependence, the next item on their agenda is to grant amnesty to all forgien aliens. This will give the Social Democrats another 20 million plus for their rank and file.

As we watch the dissimulation of the insurance companies, the banks, the auto manufacturers, wall street, and the dollar, our economy will plummet, our debts will rise, and our freedom will be no more. As we allow the government to grow beyond reason, it is the citizens that will have to pay the price. Or I should say that the American worker will pay the price.

We have a battle at our doorstep. We have a revolution in our yard. We are in a fight for our very liberty and rights. We are in a war to save our Republic. The hypocrites, liars, and destroyers of our nation must go. The Social Democrats that are bankrupting our country must be ousted. By voice, by vote, or, by fist, we must not shirk from the task at hand.

God Bless Us All

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